Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lily turns one!

We celebrated our little girls first birthday this month. 

Luke and Jack helped wrap the gifts
We decorated the house
And then the party started! Lots of presents for the birthday girl
Still more
Exploring her new purse
Lily and her new baby
Lily got her first car
And then it was time for cake

Crazy guys!
Nana and Papi with the birthday girl
On Lily's actual birth day, we took her out for a small ice cream

Another day we made a trip to Denver to see the circus.
Jack wanted to wear his dragon costume since the theme of the circus was dragons.

Here are some random pictures I have been meaning to post for a while

One of the benefits of working from home is that Luke can take impromptu breaks and read to the kids
Right in our backyard we have an amazing walking trail where we regularly take walks

We finally had to buy some warm weather clothes and Lily loves her new jacket

These two absolutely love each other! It is so fun to watch them together

Lily gives kisses now, but only to Jack.
She is also quite the climber. She is now able to follow her brother up the play equipment
And then hide with him and make me come up there

One last picture of Jack's armor of God outfit that he made at preschool and was so proud of

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Start of something good

We completed our first race! Only a 5k, but it's a start. 

I've never liked running, but Luke started running when we first got to Colorado. Recently I was looking to sign up at a gym or some class, but Lily will not go in the nursery so I really can't get away from her. So instead we bought a used double stroller and I started running with Luke. We do a 2 mile loop around the lake 3 times a week. The first time I did it, I had to stop 4 times... it was awful. Finally after 4 tries I was able to run the loop without stopping. 

A couple weeks ago we signed up for a 5K family race as a way to encourage us to train for it. Well, then I came down with strep throat... twice in a row. Which means I was on antibiotics for almost an entire month. And with the 2nd (stronger) round of antibiotics my energy was zapped. So needless to say I did not train for the 5K. In fact, I didn't run the entire week leading up to the race. We were considering canceling the race, but we already bought the tickets so we went and decided to just walk it. I talked myself into running at least half the race, so I made it to the halfway point and stopped. I had been walking for no more than 10 seconds when someone caught up to me from behind and told me to keep running, that if I stopped, they would stop too because I was motivating them.... well, that was it for my break. I ran the rest of the way and finished the race. 

I can't say I like running. But I know it is good for me and Luke is always there to keep me motivated. And I don't have to worry about putting Lily in daycare while I work out. In fact, the kids love the stroller and giggle and tell us to run faster throughout the whole run. Oh, and forget walking... the minute we start walking Jack will yell at us. 

Ready to run! Right before the race began

Yay! We did it!
The family 5K also had kids races. Jack was super excited to run in his first ever race.
His "I'm gonna win" face
Jack ready to run
And he's off! Jack was in the lead and then as the kids turned a corner he got sideswiped by a little girl and fell to the concrete. That was it for him. He burst into tears until a cheerleader came and picked him up and brought him to us. After  a few minutes he was recomposed and then he finished the race.
Jack after the race
Lily was in the baby race, but none of the other babies were walking yet so she had an unfair advantage. We tried to get her to crawl, but she stood up and darted across the finish line
They had other activities such as face painting for the kids
Lily dancing to the music

Batman flying
Afterwards, Luke and I went to downtown Denver and walked until both kids were out. Then we went to a brewery and sat and enjoyed some nice cold beers in peace. It was a great day.

And for one last video, here is Lily talking. She is trying so hard to communicate lately and she is quite the little chatterbox.