Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New blog!

Here it is for anyone who wants to keep reading about our adventures in Colorado:


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The end of a blog

And we have finally ended our Expat Adventure. After waiting for over half a year for all our paperwork to be sorted out for our move to the UK we decided to move on. Instead of moving to the UK, we will be staying right here in Colorado and Luke has found an opportunity where he can work 80% and then spend 20% starting his own business. 

As for the kids and I, we are going to start growing some roots and settle down for the foreseeable future. I will be starting another blog for those of you who are interested in reading about preschool play dates and MOPs meetings. 

In the meantime, there is still a good deal of "cleaning up" to be done. As I write this, Luke is in the UK going through our storage container. Luke is going to try to save our "must haves" and then we just have to donate everything else. Everything we bought over the last two years in Switzerland and everything we had shipped there when we first moved we have to give away. We also have to throw away our one way tickets to London that we have already paid for. And this is just the start of the cleanup. But I guess all of this will be for the new blog. 

Au revoir. C'était amusant

Beautiful Swiss lake

2,000 year old playground

Europa Park

Roman ruins as a playground

Day trip to France


Annecy, France

Awesome parcours couse I never got to do

Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen


More waterfalls

European streets

Skiing at the Matterhorn
Mothers day at Chillon castle


Chamonix, France

Cafe in France

Signs in french

More castles

Comfort foods

Favorite crepe restaurant


Weekend in Italy



Hiking trails


Castle in Germany


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo shoot

I completely forgot to post these pictures from our photo shoot back in October. So without further delay, here are Lily's 1 year pictures and a few extras of the whole family

Friday, January 4, 2013

A White Christmas

Well, we did have snow too...

Besides everyone getting sick, we had a great Christmas with both families together. Luke's family flew in on Sunday night... at least they were supposed to come in Sunday night. But then their flight got delayed and they didn't end up getting into Denver until almost 2am on Christmas Eve. But, in spite of everyone being exhausted, we still managed to have a great Christmas Eve and we all went out to dinner, followed by a Christmas Eve church service and then finished with a poker party at our apartment. 

Christmas Eve poker party
Christmas morning the kids slept in which was great because we told them they couldn't open any presents until everyone came to our place... it must have been the longest hour of their life
Christmas morning
Papi showed up dressed as Santa and complete with a case full of toys.
Jack was mesmerized
Lily was terrified. Soon after, Santa went into the bedroom and Papi re-appeared. Jack didn't even think twice, until he later walked into the bedroom and found Santa's bag and all of Santa's clothes :)
We passed the morning enjoying the kids and their presents

Here is the whole group Christmas morning
Lily loves her musical box
"What's going to happen?"

Jack got his first set of real (not oversized) legos

Christmas afternoon we headed to my parents house and enjoyed the freshly fallen snow

We took turns taking Jack down on a sled
Shortly after this picture below was taken, the brake on the sled got caught in a plant on the way down and ripped the side of the sled off. Jack still wanted to sled though, so we let him go by himself a few times. Only problem was that the sled was veering to the side and on his last trip down he went way off the track and my dad had to catch him before he flew face forward over a small ditch. Only problem... Papi couldn't catch him in time...and Jack practically flew right over Papi's head. He landed face first at the bottom of the ditch in some snow. No injuries, just shook up. He spent the next hour or so laying inside a tent in the house while my dad and I had to take turns laying down with him and telling him stories of times when we've 'bit the dust' too
Meanwhile, everyone was starting to get cold out in the snow
So we moved back inside and Lily could model her cute Christmas dress
The whole group for Christmas dinner
After dinner we had another game of poker
Josiah turned out to be quite the player
Then we busted out my brand new Christmas present to myself. It's called "Cards Against Humanity" and it is advertised as "Apples to Apples, for horrible people" I have to say that I haven't laughed that hard in months
I can't wait to play it again.
Wednesday morning we took Luke's family to Ft. Fun and we bought an unlimited 2 hour pass for unlimited games and laser tag.
There was something fun for everyone

Lily counting her tickets

Laser tag

Shooting gallery
While we were at Ft. Fun I got a call from my mom saying that my dad had to come home from work sick. He was vomiting so bad that he had to pull off the freeway several times driving home. He suspected that it was something he ate at work... and since no one else was sick we figured the same.

After Ft. Fun, we headed back to our apartment and played some more poker. Amanda and Grandma Dian were both feeling a little queasy but their spirits were still high. The next morning, we got the call that both Amanda and Grandma were up throwing up all night and now along with Grammie, they were all too sick to leave the hotel. Luke went and picked up Josiah and we spent the day watching movies and playing games. Then, that night Josiah started to feel a little ill. Luke brought him back to his hotel and that night he started throwing up.

The next morning (Friday) everyone seemed to be on the mend again. I had planned a big mystery dinner party at our apartment clubhouse. But by mid afternoon I started feeling queasy. The night went on and even though I had made a ton of food... hardly anything was touched because everyone was still feeling "off." We played through the mystery dinner game, and halfway through my mom had to make a run for the bathroom... now she was sick.

Saturday morning I woke up and had to make a run for the bathroom. And as of now, the only one who seemed to get off easily was Luke.

But all sickness aside, we had a great Christmas and we couldn't have been happier to have both families together to celebrate.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!