Monday, July 19, 2010

Unpacking our life

We moved into our new place on July 1st and our shipment of boxes from the US arrived on July 3rd. We have been spending the last 2 weeks unpacking, organizing, buying furniture and try to turn our new house into a home. It makes for a very boring blog post, so I'll keep it short.

Jack asleep amidst the boxes

Our new place!

On to more exciting things, we've been exploring the areas around where we live. We visited the town of Avenches which is built on the site of the Aventicum (what used to be the Roman capital in this region).

Ruins of the old Roman amphitheater which is still in use today.

You can still attend concerts, plays, etc in this amphitheater.

We have been spending a lot of time swimming in Lake Morat.
The lake is much smaller than Neuchatel so the water is very warm!

We also headed to Bern with some friends to go floating in the river
It was very crowded the day we went

They have a kiddie pool set up right next to the river so the kids can play
The kids even have their own little "river" to walk down
And the adults can float down the big river
You can walk up the river as far as you want. We walked maybe a half mile and jumped off this bridge
Floating with our friends Paulo and Rodrigo
When you are ready to get out you have to grab on to one of these poles. But be careful, if you miss the last pole you end up getting washed into the dam. No one knows if anyone has ever missed the last pole, but I'm sure if you did you wouldn't be around to tell about it.
Here we are after a fun day of swimming
Jack running in the grass with Bern's Parliament building right behind him
For the last game in the World Cup we were invited to watch it with one of Luke's coworkers and his whole village. Here are Luke and Jack ready to eat dinner
The whole group
One last picture of Jack's first naked swim at the beach

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