Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Other fall activities

 I have a backlog of photos to post, so here it goes:

At a park in Neuchatel

We went with some friends to La Chaux-de-Fonds to visit the Zoo-Vivarium du Bois Petit Chateau. It is a free zoo and it was awesome!
 It was a beautiful fall day.
 Lots of leaves everywhere

 Jack only wanted to wear one mitten for some reason
 The "fake" whine. It's worse than a real whine

Jack walking with our friends
Baby Maria

Friendly goat
 "Did you see what's over there?"
 Another friendly goat
 Goats everywhere

One day each weekend Jack gets to drink "coffee" with dad. It's basically a hot chocolate drink that we make in our Nespresso machine. Jack LOVES it!
Luke is working hard to finish his last class for his Masters degree. This means that most weekends he is studying and doing homework so Jack and I usually try to go out for the day so we don't bug him. One weekend we drove 2 hours to this place called Trampolino which is near Zurich. It is the largest indoor play area in Switzerland.
Jack trying to make it to the top of the volcano. It is much harder than it looks. It took me a few tries to make it to the top.
An innocent looking bouncy area. Jack climbed up in the the fishes mouth, but then the mouth started to close. Poor guy freaked out and was screaming and crying. It turns out that once the mouth closes, there is a slide down the backside of the fish. Jack made it out, but never wanted to try it again.

We took Jack bowling for his first time. It was the longest game ever as each ball Jack pushed took several minutes to roll all the way down the lane.
 But he seemed to have a good time
Last weekend when Luke was studying, Jack and I drove all the way to the French border to the Vallorbe caves
There were several small lakes and rivers in these caves. And at one point the river Orbe rushes through the cave

At the end of it all, you walk through several rooms of gems "fairy treasures." Jack was mesmerized by all the treasure, so we went by the gift shop to and I bought him a small stone as a souvenir from the caves. When we got home he was so excited to show Luke his treasure and here is how the conversation went:
Luke: "where did you get this?"
Jack: "From a man"
Luke: "Where did the man get it?"
Jack: "From a window (i.e. the display case)"
So I'm not even sure if he realized that his stone was from the caves, but oh well... it was fun.

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  1. It looks so beautiful there! And that indoor play place looks really fun! So awesome to see Switzerland on your blog!