Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trip to California - Part 2

A trip to California wouldn't have been complete without Mexican food. I have been craving mexican food ever since we arrived in Switzerland so of course, I made sure to eat my fill while in California:

 I ate, and ate and ate. I couldn't get enough of the FREE chips and salsa

Surprisingly enough, I got my fill of mexican food. By the 2nd week of our vacation, I was sick of it. I think I ate enough mexican food to last me until next years visit.

I was also able to spend a few hours admiring the choice at the grocery store. At my local store in Switzerland there are only 3 kinds of canned tomatoes: sauce, whole and diced. In California, there was a whole shelf dedicated to tomatoes
And this is the same for every other type of food imaginable. I don't even think my little grocery store in Switzerland would be able to fill one of these shelfs... and in California there are aisles and aisles just like this.

Luke flew down for a weekend and we were able to visit with his grandparents. Here are Jack, Grandpa Jay and Luke
 Grandma Marianne, Aunt Enie and me
 Enjoying some delicious In N Out
We also spent some time with Luke's family
 Jack loved playing with their dogs
 Jack and Grammie
 Grammie, Jack and Great Grandma
 Jack and Amanda
 Jack can't get enough of his Aunt
For the Super Bowl we met up with my family at a friends house to watch the game
 Jack and I with my aunts Kristi and Tina

Jack exploring with uncle Jeff
More mexican food with Nana, Poppie, Tina and Jeff
My cousin Dan
Uncle Jeff has all the cool toys!

Before we took Luke to the airport for his 2nd week in Idaho, we stopped by the beach. It couldn't have been a nicer day. It is hard to believe this was in February!

 But then of course, I had to deal with California traffic on the way home.
It was a great trip and I successfully ate all the foods I have been sorely missing. Jack and I had to fly back home alone and it was as terrible as the first time around. I have to say that the people in the US are on average MUCH friendlier than those in Europe. As soon as we got to London, the people changed. And then our flight from London to Geneva was a disaster (again). Jack did his usual tantrum as we walked to the plane except no one offered to help me this time. I was able to manage by myself and got him, his seat and our backpack in the plane. I set Jack on the chair and attempted to make room for my backpack in the overhead bin. Just as I cleared a space, I bent down to pick up my backpack and some woman (who saw me clearing the space) jammed her bag in there and took her seat. What a b!tch. I couldn't believe it. Then, Jack screamed on the flight... and screamed and screamed. At one point, he wanted to lay on the floor so I let him, and he stopped screaming. Apparently he was keeping himself busy by trying to play footsie with some guy in the seat in front of him, but the guy didn't like it so he STOMPED on Jack's toe with his boot. Poor Jack started screaming again "the man smashed my toe, he smashed my toe!). So I put Jack back in his chair and let him kick the guys seat the whole way home. What a way to end a trip.

Now I need another vacation to recover :-)  Good thing we are heading to Munich this weekend to celebrate Luke's birthday!

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