Friday, May 6, 2011

Paris - Day 3 & 4

Easter Sunday we headed over to Notre Dame again for their Easter service

 The place was packed with people wanting to get inside
Right before they opened the doors a procession passed right in front of us. Jack thought it would be funny to stick his legs out of the stroller and try and touch (or trip?) the men. One of the men stopped and smiled at Jack and tapped his foot with the big pole he was carrying .
Once the doors to the church opened we found ourselves in the middle of a mob. I was thankful Jack was safe in his stroller or he would have been trampled. I have never experienced such a rush of people trying to push past me... and all to get into church!

Once we were inside, everyone resumed their religious countenance again

Jack started getting loud about half way through the service. So I had him look for Quasimoto up in the balconies. I told him the lights were Quasimoto shining his flashlight down to search for any misbehaving children. I can be such a mean mommy... but he spent the rest of the service quietly watching for Quasimoto

After the service we noticed several military men patrolling the church with firearms.

We met up with our friends for Easter lunch
Jack was happy to see Daisy again!
After lunch we headed to the Rodin museum where the kids were able to play in the garden. Here is a picture of the museum and behind the butt statue
After the museum we walked to the Eiffel Tower and on our way we stopped by Napoleon's tomb
A carousal at the Eiffel Tower
Sunset at the Eiffel tower

Picnic dinner waiting for the lights to come on

Finally at 9pm the Eiffel tower lit up

Monday morning breakfast at our hotel

We headed across the city to visit the Sacre-Coeur church. The place was more packed than any other sight in Paris

We had a street artist draw a family picture

Jack had to give him some pointers
We met up one last time with our friends and had a picnic lunch at the base of the church
But we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us so we had to take off right after lunch and head home. This area of Paris was my least favorite, it was pretty dirty and the crowds were unbearable.
One more side note about Paris is that it is NOT stroller friendly. We had to carry Jack and his stroller up hundreds of these stairs... not an easy task, especially when you are pregnant.
The drive home was beautiful and uneventful. Now we are busy getting all settled into our new apartment... pictures coming soon.

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