Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Craigslist Connoisseur

To keep myself busy during this long waiting period I have been going through our house and selling off anything we don't use and/or don't like. Some of this stuff we have had for the whole 5+ years of our marriage and we have moved from apartment to apartment to rental to house and now it's time to sell it!

Luke suggested that I mark up the price of everything just a little bit since he thought most people would haggle with me to get the price down. So I've been listing everything for what I bought it for (regardless if it is 5+ years old and has dents and scratches in it). Well, surprisingly no one is haggling with me! I sold our queen size bed frame that we bought when we were first married for the same price we bought it for. I also sold our two bed stands that we bought at the same time as the frame (plus they were worn out and had water damage) for the same price we bought them for! I started feeling a little guilty, like I was ripping people off so I sold Jack's old crib and mattress set for a really low price. Hope that makes up for the other people who didn't get the best deal.

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