Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lessons learned at a garage sale

We had the first of many garage sales this weekend. It went okay considering Fri & Sat were cold and snowy. But I learned several things...

1. If you put 9am-noon on the signs, you better be there at 9am.
At 8:30am Jack and I went with Luke to hang the signs. It took longer than expected and by the time I got back home at 8:55 there was a line outside our garage with some anxious people.

2. Those people who show up bright and early on the first day are garage sale pro's and if you aren't careful they will walk away with 'way too good' deals. I had one lady who was first in line take a whole boat load of stuff for way too cheap. I wasn't prepared to deal with these pushy people and caved in to her. I know better now!

3. Garage sales do not make you as much money as Craigslist
The people who were browsing our stuff wanted brand new books for 50 cents! I couldn't believe the prices people thought were "fair." Things that I could have sold on Craigslist for $10 were being sold for $1 at the garage sale.

4. Move EVERYTHING that you want to sell into the garage.
Fri & Sat we still had our bookcases and computers inside so we had random people walking through our house to look at them. Not only was it weird, but they didn't sell. Once we moved them outside, we were able to sell the bookcases.

That's all I can think of for now...
Our house is starting to feel very empty. Here is our living room, where our couch used to be.
And we sold our dining tables so now we have to eat on the floor...
It's all for a good cause though. A month from now, we will be in Switzerland!

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