Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A visit from family

Luke's family came out to visit us one more time before we move to Switzerland. Jack absolutely loved having 4 more people around to shower him with attention and love.

Jack and his Auntie Amanda:

We told Luke to bring his jacket...he didn't listen and ended up wearing Jack's
Guys just do not know how to look at a camera and smile...
Best ride in the house
Jack loves to tell everyone where to go. His two favorite words are "This way!"
"This way!"
Here he is still telling us where to go
Rock climbing

Monday we went for a hike at Glen Erie. It was an awesome hike with lots of tall canyons and bridges:

Luke's walking stick
Jack looks a little nervous:
Grandma and her sticks
The waterfall at the end of the hike:

I finally found people who take more pictures than me :-)
Jack's walking stick

Nap time in the Ergo
Luke and his brother
Jack is just waking up
Tuesday we went for another hike. Here is Luke and his sister
Jack is still telling us where to go:
Asleep again
After all the nice hikes we decided to put everyone to work clearing out our basement. Here is our trash pile to take to the dump
Even Jack had to help
Our house is finally up for rent. Hope we get some renters soon!

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