Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exploring nearby towns

The first few days my parents were in Switzerland were cloudy and rainy. We tried to find things to do where we could escape the rain. Our first stop was walking the walls at the nearby town of Murten.

Here is a view of the walled city:
Jack walking the walls
Poppie, Nana & Jack
A view of Lake Murten behind us
The city of Murten
Lunch in Murten
Dinner at our house. Notice our impromptu fondue warmer (a pot on top of a dish rack, on top of our candles)
Another day we headed out to Luzern but it was still cloudy and rainy so we didn't stay long. Here is a view of the city:
And of the church
When the weather cleared up we headed to Bern
And let Jack play in the fountain

One evening we drove over to some hidden ruins I have been anxious to explore. They are off the beaten path in farmland and I never got up the courage to drive through private land in search of ruins that I wasn't even sure existed.

But in the car with Luke and my parents, we drove over to Avenches and through the farms and found the ruins. They were amazing! Here is a picture of the Roman Theatre
One of the ancient entrances to the theatre
Best view in the house! My dad and Jack sitting on the top step of the theatre seats
Luke and Jack at the top
The whole countryside was littered with ruins
In the distance we saw what looked like an ancient wall. We drove through more private land and gravel roads that I'm not even sure we were allowed to be on and stumbled upon the ruins of the old Roman gate that was the entrance to Aventicum (what this area was called when it was the Roman capital)

Here is the entrance to the city. The arches have fallen, but this is what remains of the entrance to Aventicum
Luke and Jack climbed the nearby tower
Pieces of the remaining wall and another tower in the distance
Debating if I should go in?
I was the first to go into the old, dark tower. It was pretty creepy, but exciting at the same time. Halfway up there was a door that led out to the top of the walls
My dad was the next one to head up the stairs. I had to keep taking pictures just to see anything
Even Jack was brave enough to come in
Resting at the top of the tower
A view of Lake Murten from the top
Finally leaving the ruins

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  1. Fun pictures! Wow you look like your mom, Jenny! How great they got to visit you. Looks like you're still having a very fun adventure! Enjoy every minute of the journey!

    Sharon Aguilera