Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend in Baden-Baden

Through the wonderful world of Facebook I was reunited with a friend I have known since kindergarden. She and her husband (and 2 year old daughter) live in Germany, about an 8 hour drive from us. As it turns out Luke and her husband Chris have also known each other since grade school! We decided to plan a weekend get-away about half way between us and meet up in Baden-Baden, Germany.

We left Friday morning and stopped for a hike at Triberg falls. They are the highest waterfalls in Germany.
We got to our hotel Friday afternoon

As soon as Jack took one look at Daisy, he was smitten
Daisy wasn't sure about all the hugs at first
But Jack was relentless, and soon enough Daisy warmed up to him
Then, they were inseparable
Dinner the first night with friends we hadn't seen in 10 years! Holly, Chris and Daisy
And what is the best way to reunite with old friends than to go to the nude spa together... right? Okay, but that is going to be a whole post in itself...tomorrow

So after the nudie spa, we walked around Baden-Baden and sat for a while in the portico of the Trinkhalle
It was a great place for the kids to run around

Once we were finally able to get the kids to sleep, we scoped out a place to get some Black Forest cake

*photo courtesy of Holly and her awesome camera
*photo courtesy of Holly and her awesome camera

Then we went back to our hotel for a few drinks of Absynthe
*photo courtesy of Holly and her awesome camera

Jack and Daisy were as happy as could be jumping on the bed together

Back outside again, the kids were getting into trouble
and trampling through the gardens

On Sunday we took the bus and a funicular up to Merkur to get some fabulous views of the Black Forest
Enjoying lunch at the top
Holly and Chris

It was an awesome trip and traveling with another toddler made a world of difference for Jack. I just hope we can have a few more trips with Holly, Chris and Daisy while they are still here in Germany.

Now, time for some Absynthe and blog about the nude spa...stay tuned

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