Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yvoire and Gruyeres

A few weeks back we drove down to the French side of Lake Geneva to visit the medieval town of Yvoire. It was established in 1306 and is now ranked one of the most beautiful villages in France. It seemed to be a very popular place and the streets were filled with people. We spent the afternoon enjoying the city, but I would love to go back and stay in one of the quaint B&B's.

This past weekend we headed out to the cheese making area of Gruyeres, Switzerland. For some reason the road to the village was blocked off so we had to walk up. It was quite a long walk and we didn't bring the stroller but thankfully Jack was able to make it up all by himself.
Finally ready to enter the city
The main part of Gruyeres
The scenery was amazing! I have seen these large picture frames several times around Switzerland.

Luke didn't want his picture in the frame
A view of the path we hiked up
Walking through the city to the castle
Gruyeres Castle
View as we were walking up to the castle
Castle Chapel
I think Jack loves castles almost as much as I do. He runs from room to room squealing with delight. Here he is exploring the castle kitchen
One of the many dining rooms
My exploring buddy
Door that leads to the garden
View of the castle garden and walls
Same shot, but a view of the mountains behind the castle
Jack loved running through the maze
He could have spent all day running in this garden

View of the castle from the garden

Heading up to walk the walls
Luke reading the tour brochure
View of the city from a window in the castle walls
Leaving the castle

Jack conked out after a long day

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