Saturday, December 4, 2010

Siena, Italy

The day after Thanksgiving we made a day trip down to Siena. It was cold and rainy but we knew there were coffee shops to be found so we made our way to the center of the city. 

All main streets lead to Siena's campo and it is an impressive sight.
It is divided into nine sections representing the nine main governors of Siena when it was built.
Jack loved running up and down the dividing lines
At the bottom slope of the campo stands the Palazzo Pubblico which was built in 1297 and the chapel (bottom left) was added in 1348 to give thanks to God when the Black Death ended.
The Fonte Gaia was added to the Campo in 1419

Jack had a blast feeding the pidgeons
Luke and I sought the warmth of some coffee

After we were warmed we headed to the Duomo museum. It had some interesting sights

But I had no time to read about what I was looking at
So I just grabbed some pictures

Then, spent the rest of the time chasing the 2 year old who doesn't know how to sit still
And trying to find him when he hides beneath the exhibits
The museum wasn't working with Jack, so we headed up the tower hoping the hundreds of steps would wear him out
The view from the top was amazing

Luke at the top of the second tower
After the museum we headed into the Duomo

Here is the picture of the Piccolomini alter. What makes this special is that a young Michelangelo worked on the four sculptures in the niches.

This statue of St. Peter was created by Michelangelo alone.

The dome
This is the ceiling of the Piccolomini library

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