Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 1: San Gimignano

After spending the morning in Pisa, we drove to San Gimignano where we would be staying for the next couple days. We stayed in a little B&B in the country and it was our little piece of Tuscan heaven (more on that later). Here are some pictures of the countryside: 

After dropping our bags at the B&B we headed out to see the city of San Gimignano. It is one of many medieval hill towns dotted throughout Tuscany, but what makes this city famous is its towers. Here you can see them in the distance:
During its prime, San Gimignano had 72 towers, five monasteries, four hospitals, public baths and a brothel all within its walls:
Only 15 towers are still standing today
In the center of town is the 13th century cistern

During the summer tour busses from Florence and Sienna fill this tiny city with hundreds of tourists
But in November, it was empty. I like it that way :-)
I love this city. Half a day is not enough time to soak it all in

I could easily spend a week here tasting all the yummy treats
Maybe I would buy myself a boar head as well...
Some more pictures from around the city

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