Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bright ideas

I mentioned in my last post how we were watching a little too much TV during the day. So I decided today would be the day we started getting out again. I took Jack and Lily to the big mall by our house to do some shopping and then we met Luke for lunch. Afterwards we came home and instead of watching one of Jacks TV shows, we bundled up and went out searching for rocks. Jack brought his pail and we gathered several nice looking rocks as well as some leaves. After we were tired of walking we came back home and I had the bright idea of turning the rocks into a fun craft. I filled a bowl with soapy water and gave it to Jack with a sponge so he could clean his rocks. At first everything was going good and Jack was thoroughly entertained so I decided to tackle some chores. I was cleaning for about 5 minutes when I looked over and saw this:

Apparently Jack got bored of cleaning the rocks and decided to play with the bubble water instead. Since it was just bubble water (and Jack was still thoroughly entertained) I decided to let him continue on while   I nursed Lily. I was sitting on the couch feeding Lily when I saw Jack (accidentally) tip the entire bowl of water on the floor

 And then he thought it would be fun to slide around it

After cleaning up the huge water mess I had the bright idea to continue with the craft and I let Jack paint his rocks. All was going good and I decided to resume my chores ...
 I was sweeping in the bedroom when I glanced over at Jack and saw (to my horror) that he was flinging paint all over the floor. The entire floor was covered in big and small paint splashes.
After trying to clean the spots off the floor, all the while holding a crying, hungry Lily I had the bright idea to let Jack clean up his own mess:
Then we went in my room and relaxed in the bed watching a movie. So much for no TV today.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have some more bright ideas... 

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