Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stubborn as her dad!

I can't believe this little girl is still in my belly! Every day that passes I wonder what past sin I committed to have to go through this pain when all I want is to hold my baby. She is snug as a bug in there and I am quickly losing my patience. Today I went for "labor inducing" acupuncture. Then followed it up with several "labor inducing" teas. I also had my 2nd day of gut burning Thai food. If I don't have this baby tonight then I will not get to deliver with my doctor. He leaves for vacation tomorrow at noon and then I am going to be stuck with whichever doctor is on call (regardless of if they speak english). My nightmare is coming true! It's so frustrating, but at this point I am so over it all that I would be happy to give birth at home or in the car as long as I can just get her out :-)

Last week my parents came down for a visit. They had planned a trip with some friends to go to the Oktoberfest in Germany and when they found out I was pregnant they extended their trip by a week so they could see the new baby. What a surprise for all of us when she decided not to come. I spent a good portion of the week walking as much as possible to see if I could go into labor while they were here, but no such luck. Oh well, Jack had a blast with his Nana and Poppie. 

On the slide with Nana, and stubborn Lily still sitting tight

Jack takes driving very seriously

Jack and Poppie on the train

Poppie taking Jack into the toy convention

With Spongebob at the Swiss
toy convention

Playing with play-dough at the toy convention

More playdough 
More toys

Jack and Poppie on the luge

Jack loves this ride!
We took a trip up to Lauterbrunnen for my dad's birthday. Luke was so nervous the whole time as he thought I would go into labor at any minute... I wish!
Ready for our walk

My dad by one of the many waterfalls

Next to the waterfall

View of the town below

Another view of the town

Hiking back down from the waterfall

Looking up at a small waterfall

We found a playground for Jack 

And we had a picnic

Must be the most beautiful playground in the world

Enjoying some wine

Happy Birthday Dad!

Was hoping this would be the last family of
three photo before Lily popped out
After spending the morning in Lauterbrunnen, we drove back to our region and Luke was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief that he didn't have to deliver Lily next to a waterfall. We drove up past Neuchatel to the area of Chaumont. We had heard about a really fun "parcours" course here that I have been wanting to try for ages. Parcours is really popular here in Switzerland and it is basically climbing through the trees with varying levels of difficulty. Of course, i wasn't able to do it this time but Jack and I looked on with much envy.
Luke walking the bridge

Zip-lining through the trees

More bridge walking

Much tougher than it looks

I can't wait to try this next year!

Luke zip-lining through the trees

View of the course

The beginners couse which starts at 4 years old

Another part of the beginners course. Jack can't wait to get up there!

My parents had to head home last weekend and it was a shock to everyone that the baby still hadn't made her appearance. She sure is a stubborn one! This is probably going to be my last week of pregnancy because after 42 weeks the doctors will want to induce me. So we are going through every wives tale to try and help labor start naturally. I have drank more tea and ate more spicy food in the last 2 days than I have ever done in my life. But the good thing is that I found that I really like cinnamon tea. And I really don't like walking up and down the stairs sideways. 

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