Monday, November 21, 2011

Escape from the fog

Living by the lake has its downfalls, one of which is the fall fog. Somedays it is like living inside a cloud and you never see the sun. I don't really mind the fog, but it bothers Luke so this past weekend he was determined to escape it and drive up the mountains. We didn't have to drive far before we were out of the fog cloud

In the mountains above Neuchatel looking down on the
sea of fog below us
We drove up to the city of La Chaux de Fonds where they have a free zoo
On the playground at the free zoo

It was great to feel the sunshine!

All bundled up with little Lily
At one point at the zoo I told Jack that there were reindeer (not sure if they really were reindeer or not, but they sure looked like it) and Jack told me "no mommy, those aren't rain deer, they are fog deer." I love the things that this boy comes up with!
 My little animal lover

 Having fun in the leaves
 My guys
 And here are some more pictures of Lily with her cute bow a friend made for us

A good way to keep Jack from being a camera hog
is to give him his own camera!

Smiles for daddy!

My pretty girl

"Does this bow make my cheeks look fat?"

Loving the double chin!

Happy girl

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