Friday, December 2, 2011

Visit from Grandparents - Take 2

My parents were out 2 months ago in hopes they would be here for Lily's birth. Even though they stayed a week past my due date Lily wasn't ready to come out, so they had to leave before meeting the newest grand baby. They took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to fly out here again to finally meet this little girl

Nana and Poppie with Jack and Lily
We had 3 whole days with them and we tried to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Saturday we drove to Gruyere
Beautiful view of Gruyere

Gruyere castle

Jack enjoying the view from the castle

Of course we couldn't make a trip to Gruyere without having some authentic fondue

Jack and Lily with Gruyere city centre
in the background
On Sunday I thought it would be fun to take my parents to the Christmas market in Montreux since they had never been to a European Christmas market before. Even though Montreux is probably my favorite Swiss city, as soon as we got to the Christmas market I was ready to leave. The place was unbelievably crowded and it was impossibly to enjoy anything when you are drowning in a sea of people
The only picture I could get at the market. It shows just how
crowded that place was.
On Monday we decided to stay local and visit the Creux du Van above Neuchatel. According to wikipedia:
The Creux du Van is a natural rocky cirque of approximately 1,400 metres of width and 150 metres of depth.
Walking to the edge (the ground drops off right behind
that small wall in the distance)

Luke (and Lily) next to the drop off

Walking along the edge

The Creux du Van

Luke and Lily 
It was freezing cold that day so we sought refuge at a nearby deserted farm and started a fire to stay warm and have a picnic

Everyone by the fire
Poppie and Jack
Nana, Poppie and Jack
Luke staying warm with Lily
My folks had to head back home early Tuesday morning, so it was a short, but fun few days!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are getting geared up for Christmas. Jack is really excited about everything this year and it is so cute to watch. When I ask what he wants for Christmas he usually says "presents" and then when I ask what kind of presents he usually just says whatever he is looking at that moment: "toys" "water" "books" etc. I just hope his wish list stays this easy for the next 14 years ;-)

The other day we had some friends over to make gingerbread houses.
Jack's house before candy
Loving this game!
Jack and his friends
Trying to fit as much candy as possible
Jack helped me set up our little Christmas tree and asks everyday "when will presents be under there?"
In the meantime, Lily is growing bigger and cuter by the day. She went through a week or so of what we thought was colic, but thankfully it went away (for the most part). She is still fussy at night but from midnight - 6am (sometimes 7 or 8) she is OUT! It is pretty awesome, so I can't complain about the fussy nights.
Pretty in purple

Love the baby smiles

Trying to get in some "tummy time" 

Most of tummy time is spend face down like this
It is so funny how different Jack and Lily look, but every once in a while I get a glimpse of similarities. 

Jack around 7 weeks

Lily around 7 weeks

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  1. So fun that your parents got to visit! Jack is looking so much like Luke as he gets older, especially in the gingerbread pics! :) Lily is such a cutie and I LOVE those chubby little cheeks! :)