Thursday, December 22, 2011

Only in Europe

Where else can you visit a medieval market in an 800 year old castle?

This past weekend we braved the snow and headed down to my favorite castle, Chateau de Chillon. They were hosting a medieval market during the month  of December and had characters all throughout the castle dressed in traditional clothing and selling medieval hand crafts
They even had traditional grub in the banquet hall along with musicians and dancers
In each of the castle rooms there was someone making crafts or showing off their wares
Luke checking out the weapons

I love the doorways off this castle

A man making some sort of spun necklaces

View of the castle walls

Visiting the castle during winter gave it a much more magical feeling

But after a few hours we were all thoroughly chilled to the bone

And for some more pictures, here is Jack enjoying the first snow of the season

And Lily outgrowing her clothes faster than she can wear them

Lily and her friend Charlotte
I recently met a mom who lives just across the street from us who was originally from Southern California. She now has three daughters who are Jack's only english speaking friends. The other weekend they took us on a hike to our towns own waterfall.
Jack with his new friends and the waterfall
 A view of our town and the lake in the distance
 Jack and Lily during tummy time
 Early morning snuggles
 Lily has developed the habit of sleeping in my arms. At this point, she wakes up right when I put her down so now I have to carry her or risk having a cranky baby. So this is how she naps... at least I have one hand free to get things done...
 Jack likes to take his naps with every stuffed animal he owns in his bed with him
 Happy sleep smiles
 Happy awake smiles
Lily always lights up when she sees Jack. It is really cute to watch them together...and sometimes also really frustrating since Jack can be too rough with his baby sister

Watching Lily and Luke together always melts my heart

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