Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jack's learning to ski

Now that Jack is three he can officially start learning to ski and take lessons. We rented all his ski gear for the season and we have a small ski slope 15 minutes from our house that we take him to. 

Jack and his new gear

Jack picked out these cool goggles

Lily napping in the car seat

View from the slopes. This picture doesn't do it justice, but there
is an awesome view of the alps from here.

Lots of kids learning to ski (Jack is at the far left)

Jack's friend Anik

Jack testing out his skis

Taking a break

Anik's mom was able to ski down the mountain with
Anik between her legs. Not sure if we can do this with Jack
since Luke and I both snowboard.

Jack doing great on his skis

Sharing a snack with Anik
Next to the ski slopes is a sledding area
Off to sled

The little tag along
Another sledding area nearby

Dragging Jack back up the hill is a great workout!

Luke was off work all last week so we were able to drive up to Lucerne and meet up with some friends who moved away last year. 
Jack and Emily
Emily was Jack's first friend that he had here in Switzerland. He was so sad when she moved away, It was really fun to see them having fun together again.

Jack and Emily a year ago
We also took Jack down to Aquaparc (huge indoor water park) twice (although Lily and I only went one of the times)

Luke and I took turns with Lily
while taking Jack on the slides

Lily was conked out after only an hour or so

My little fishy had a blast!

I've been playing with Lily's hair lately, it is so fun having a baby girl with a full head of hair

I'm not the only one who likes to do Lily's hair. Jack loves to be the one to pick out her bows, and usually he wants her to wear them all.

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