Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sick baby and the swiss pharmacy

Lily has finally kicked her month long cold. It was a long month filled with lots of screaming, tears and sleepless nights (and not just for Lily). At one point last week her fever reached 104 degrees and we had to make an ER trip when she wouldn't stop screaming. I've had to make several trips to the pharmacy these last few weeks in search of something to help Lily feel better. I have since fallen in love with the Swiss pharmacies. 

First of all, the pharmacists can actually help you. They are trained to advise and treat certain ailments and thus you can go to the pharmacy and pick up medicine without having to go to your doctor first. Secondly, they usually try to give you homeopathic remedies before resorting to drugs. When Lily's fever was climbing last week, I took her to the pharmacy for some dalfagan (aka tylenol) suppositories. The pharmacist encouraged me to try the homeopathic chamomile suppositories first to see if they could help with the pain/fever. She also gave us some infant chamomile tea for Lily as well as a homeopathic gel for Lily's gums (since we weren't sure if she was teething). It was great to have a pharmacist who was open to helping Lily without drugging her.

Even when she's sick, Lily cannot escape my camera. Especially not when she has a new, cute outfit from her Nana:

Skyping with Nana and Poppie

Little girl is growing up so fast!
Every day I am blown away with Jack's love for his sister. He dotes on her all day long, showering her with hugs and kisses. In his mind, I think that Lily was the best "toy" anyone has ever given him. 

Jack keeping his baby sister entertained

It's so amazing to me that Jack and Lily can look so different. Every once in a while I see some similarities, but for the most part they are as different as can be.
3 month old Lily
3 month old Jack
Little chunky monk is over 14 pounds already
She kind of resembles
an Oompa Loompa here
Such a pretty little girl

Love her so much!

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