Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pumpkins and candy!

We took Jack and Lily to the pumpkin patch a few weeks back to choose their pumpkins for Halloween

Jack helped me carve his pumpkin into a cat. He spent an hour or so tracing the pattern and poking little holes in it. Then, that same night he knocked the pumpkin right off the table and it broke. We tried to pin it back together with toothpicks, if you look closely you can probably see them
The city we live in had tons of activities leading up to Halloween. One day we went with our friends to the downtown area to trick or treat around the shops. 

We also stopped by another festival nearby for more candy and games

Jack and Lily were mesmerized by their candy stash

On Halloween we met up with some friends for more trick or treating:
Then us four moms and eight kiddos braved the restaurant scene for lunch
That night we went to our church for their big Fall festival (Christianese for Halloween Party)

My dad even stopped by to hang out for a while
Then, even later that night we met up with our neighbors and the kids went knocking on doors at our apartment complex
Jacks candy bag got so full that it broke right after this picture
Then we called it a night

On another note, we have discovered that Lily is facsinated and terrified of spiders. One day I brought home some fake spiders and webs to put up in the house and ever since then Lily freaks out when she sees a spider. We even had a book from the library with a picture of a spider in it and she would freak out when she saw it.

And she freaks out every time we walk by a spider decoration

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