Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As ready as I'll ever be

We are leaving tomorrow. My confidence level about this whole move is starting to become a little more shaky. Going back to our normal routine, at our house, with all our stuff sounds pretty nice right about now. To make matters worse, Jack and I came down with some sort of bug over the weekend (I think it was food poisoning). Jack was throwing up all Sunday night and I was throwing up all Monday night. We are still feeling a little under the weather. Getting sick is no fun ... getting sick in a hotel is even less fun... and I can't even imagine being that sick on an airplane. I sure hope we are 100% better by tomorrow.

Tonight was our last night in the U.S. We celebrated with our friends at a brewery right by our hotel. Here are some pictures from tonight. We are sure going to miss everyone!

A couple pictures from this past weekend when my parents came down for a visit:

A peek into the forecast for our new home. It rains a lot there, can you tell?

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