Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Days 2-5: Adjusting

These last few days we have spent adjusting to our new home. Jack seems to be on a good schedule now, but Luke and I still are having a hard time getting to bed before midnight.

I found some Dr. Pepper at the store which makes my mornings much easier. Plus, the breakfast at the hotel is unlimited croissants and Nutella. Can't think of a better way to start the day!
At some point every day we make our way down to the lake and let Jack throw the rocks in the water
And feed the swans
We also spend a few hours at the park. It's a good time to rest while Jack plays
The baby swings can't swing as high as the one's back home
Here is one of the huge trees that I love
Underneath the tree is an awesome place to play
And to hide
Next to the park is a huge chess set.

Here is our hotel
Here is the inside
Our bedroom
Bathroom. Still not sure what the mini-toilet is... no water shoots up so it can't be a biday
A view from our back window.
One thing that is taking a long time to get used to are the prices here. Specifically the prices at restaurants. We were expecting it to be more expensive, but not this expensive. Below is the menu for a mexican food restaurant a few doors down from our hotel:
$7.50 for chips?!!

Oh, and we stopped by a McDonalds for a "large" (Medium in the U.S) Soda and a medium fry. Go ahead and guess what this cost... I dare you
Before I tell you how much we paid, I have to say that last week when I was still in Colorado I could have bought a soda double the size and the same fry for under $3. But here in Switzerland it was over $7! Yep, $7 for a drink and a fry. At least Jack was able to play in the play area for free:
We spent Monday and Tuesday exploring the city of Neuchatel.
We visited the local market
Made our way up to the "New Castle" aka Neuchatel
Walked across a really old bridge
Jack enjoyed walking up and down all the stairs
We toured the old prison tower. Here are Luke and Jack in one of the cells:
A better view of the cell which is approx. a 5 ft by 5 ft wooden box:
A view of the lake and the city from the top of the prison tower
The lake is in front, and this is the view of the mountains behind us
Some more views of the lake

Tuesday afternoon we made our way to Luke's new work using the public transportation here. It was fairly easy and Luke was able to meet most of his colleagues. We went out to a fondue dinner with one of his new colleagues on Tuesday night. The fondue was awesome! I was worried that it would be the awful tasting cheese, but it was terrific.
Believe it or not we have dinner plans with different people almost every night this week. It's amazing how quickly we are meeting people. Now if only we can find a place to live! Apartment searching starts tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Jenny - I'm so glad to hear you are adjusting....I know it's not easy. I just knew in my heart that you, Luke and Jack would meet and make friends very quickly. I am so proud of all of you! What a life experience, no matter how long you stay. You are missed here in the States, but, thank God for the technology we now have! Let me know if there is anything I can send you. I know you have family and lots and lots of friends, including me (I hope, still?) :-)