Friday, May 7, 2010

One way ticket

Our tickets to Switzerland have been booked!

It's an odd feeling booking a one-way ticket. Kind of exciting, but also a bit scary. I guess it feels like the day before you get married. You know you are committing to something big and once you walk down that aisle (or get on the airplane) there's no going back. Hopefully none of us will get cold feet walking down the tarmac!

We received our Visa's in the mail today. And in RECORD time! The typical Visa process takes 10 weeks, and I have never heard of someone getting their long-term Visa in less than 2 months. But with Luke's boss in Switzerland pestering the Swiss office, and myself pestering the Los Angeles Swiss Embassy, we got our Visa's in 2 weeks! I'm sure this is some sort of record.

The only thing left for us to do is sell our Saturn Vue. It's still hard to believe that we only have a few days left in Colorado. I'm going to have to hit up all my favorite spots this weekend and then Thursday we get on the airplane and fly to Switzerland.

Our last family picture in Colorado for long time

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  1. It will be great. I remember that feeling when we left England to come here. It was bittersweet. I was sad and happy and cried the second the plane left the ground and didn't stop until we got here then I cried the whole first night. The hardest part was leaving all my family and knowing we weren't going back any time soon. What an amazing experience it has been thou! You guys will have an amazing time there and learn so much living in a foreign county. I would recommend buying a book on culture differences if you haven't already. I read a book called "culture shock" before I moved here and it saved me from some, not all, embarrassing moments. Good luck :)