Saturday, October 2, 2010

Colmar, France

After a day in Strasbourg, we were ready to leave the big city and head out to see some quaint little towns. We drove about an hour south to Colmar, France. Right as you enter the city they have a huge Statue of Liberty monument dedicated to the sculptor (Frederic Bartholdi) who lived here.

Colmar was picturesque. Timbre framed houses, tiny little streets, flowers in the windows, we all fell in love with this town right away!

 Half a house?
 Luke and his grandma

 Everyone has an opinion on where to go
 Another picture compliments of Jack the photographer
 And another
 "Petite Venice" area of Colmar

 Yay for randomly placed play equipment!

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  1. I LOVE READING ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!!! Thank you so much for doing this blog! You guys are adventurous and really living an interesting life. God bless you there on the other side of my world!!!