Saturday, October 2, 2010

Strasbourg, France

After the weekend in Baden-Baden, we jumped in the car and drove an hour to Strasbourg, France. In Strasbourg we met up with Luke's grandma and spent a few days with her enjoying this beautiful city and the surround towns.

Here is the Strasbourg Cathedral

The cathedral is unbelievably huge! It dominates the old town.

Jack loves to take pictures with my camera. I have tons of headless photos!
....and blurry photos
And then, every 3rd picture or so is a good one...not bad for a 2-year old.
Strasbourg (and the Alsace region in general) is known for their black and white timbre framed buildings

After our recent experience at the nude baths, Luke was ready to try anything...even mussels!
Jack's favorite part of Strasbourg
Jack's 2nd favorite part of Strasbourg

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