Friday, March 18, 2011

Blood and pox

Last Thursday night as we were trying to wind Jack down for bed he was doing sommersaults on the bed (as usual). At one point he ended falling off the bed backwards on to the floor. He's done this several times before so Luke and I didn't think much of it. Until we heard him scream. At that point Luke jumped off the bed and grabbed Jack and said "theres blood"

I hate those words. I jumped up in time to see the back of Jack's head gushing blood. We ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel to put pressure on his head. The blood soaked through the towel. At one point I was able to sneak a peak at the cut which thankfully wasn't big. It was only about half an inch but it kept bleeding and bleeding. We shaved part of his head and attempted to butterfly the cut. Finally the bleeding slowed and Jack returned to his active self. By that time it was past 9:00pm so I got him to sleep and spent the next hour holding pressure against his cut to help stop the bleeding completely.

The next day everything was back to normal. Except for the ugly bald spot/cut on the back of his head.

The day after that, Jack got the chicken pox. As it was Saturday we had to make and ER run since I recently found out I am not immune (even though I had them as a child). On Sunday, Luke made his ER run since he is not immune either.

Meanwhile Jack dealt with his chicken pox like a champ!

Then the 2nd day was much worse. Lots of bumps popped up and everything began to itch. We gave him oatmeal baths and lotion to soothe the itching but that night he couldn't sleep. He woke up every 20 minutes crying that something was itching. I spent all night awake with him trying to gently rub all the itchy spots.

The 3rd day I went back to the pharmacy to get medication to help Jack. They gave him some anti-itch medication as well as some stronger anti-itch cream.

The 4th day was worse pox wise, but Jack seemed to have less itching.

Finally, by Thursday Jack was back to his normal self (attitude wise). He was happy and full of energy again. Even though he still looks terrible! I feel so bad for the little guy, I can't wait until all these darn pox are gone!
(if you look close enough, you can see he even got pox on his tongue...what a terrible disease!)

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  1. oh my goodness! Poor little guy! Wes had them last year and I swear they were not as bad as Jack's! Maybe because he is older? I am glad the cut and the chicken pox are better....