Friday, March 18, 2011

Museum, Cheese & Chocolate. Better late than never

Here are some pictures back from January that I never got around to posting.

For New Year's we drove to Lucerne and visited the Swiss Transport Museum.

It was a huge museum with different buildings dedicated to trains, planes and cars. You could easily spend a weekend here and not see everything
 Jack seemed to like the rocks in the train tracks the best
 Here is one of the big drills they used to make the tunnels through the mountains

 We took Jack to his first show in a Planetarium
 Jack's most favorite exhibit of the museum
 This was taken on my way to the grocery store. Quite a traffic jam!
 Another weekend we visited the Cailler (aka Nestle) chocolate factory
 The tour was pretty impressive and entertaining
 But the best part was the chocolate room!
 Every type of Callier chocolate was displayed here
 And it was all you can eat!! Luke successfully tasted one of everything. I was only able to try about half of the chocolates before feeling sick
 The gift store was filled with all sort of wonderful treats.
 After stuffing ourselves with chocolate, we drove a short distance to the Gruyere cheese factory.
They gave us a few samples of cheese and we went through the whole tour of how the cheese was made. At the end you have the option of getting fondue at their restaurant, but we decided to save some money and make fondue at home.

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