Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny memory in Greece

I wanted to share a funny incident that happened during our stay on Naxos island in Greece. We were staying at a fairly fancy hotel and one day as Jack was swimming in the pool I noticed his "poop" face. This is the face he makes when he needs to poop. He has been potty trained for a while now so I wasn't sure why he was making this face in the pool, but just to be sure I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom. He said no, he didn't need to poop. Over the next 10 minutes or so I kept noticing this face, so finally I asked Luke to take him to the bathroom. Luke got Jack out of the pool and dried him off. They then walk to the bathroom which is located in the hotel lobby. They had to walk all the way across the lobby and then downstairs to the bathroom.

Back outside, I'm waiting for them to return. A half hour passes and I'm wondering why it is taking them so long. I know Jack is not a "quick" pooper by any means... but they were gone for a long time. Finally, just as I was about to go looking for them Luke comes back laughing. Apparently as they were walking to the bathroom Jack pooped and the big log fell out of his bathing suit shorts right on to the lobby floor. But at this point Luke had no idea Jack pooped so they continued walking down to the bathroom while the poop left behind was laying right in the lobby. 
Picture of the hotel lobby
Once downstairs Luke sent Jack into the stall to do his business. Jack likes his privacy so Luke shut the door to the stall and waited. Finally when Jack had finished Luke realized that somehow Jack had locked the door and now he couldn't get it unlocked. Luke had to spend quite a while figuring out a way to open the stall door. Several minutes later, once the door was open and hands were washed Luke and Jack started walking back to the pool. That is when Luke finally noticed the big log of poop in the middle of the lobby. It was still lying there, undisturbed. We will never know if anyone saw it or just ignored it, but it had been laying there for at least 30 minutes. Now Luke had to run back downstairs to get paper to clean up the mess. Finally, 45 minutes after they left, Luke and Jack returned to the pool and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard!

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