Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rhodes, Greece

We had an entire day to explore the island of Rhodes and since all the excursions were already full (or we were blacklisted from joining them) we were on our own. So we rented a car and set out. 

The walled city of Rhodes as viewed from our cruise ship
 Our first stop was the "hot" springs of Calitea

Apparently the Greek's don't have the same idea of "hot" springs as we do. It is possible that the water was slightly warmer than the rest of the ocean, but it was still too cold to go in
 After visiting the springs, we drove to the city of Lindos.
St. Pauls Bay (where the Apostle Paul cast off for Ephesus) is
on the left, the city of Lindos in the middle and the acropolis on the hill
 The acropolis of Lindos can been seen in the distance
 We rented some mules to take us to the top
 Views from the acropolis

The Castle of the Knights of St. John built in the 1300s.

Views from the top were amazing

Walking down from the acropolis
The trip back down the mountain was rather dangerous as the steps were very slippery. Jack was holding our hands but at one point he though he would jump off the steps and we would "fly" him down, but since we weren't prepared he slipped right out of our hands and smacked his head on the step. The resounding thud was heard by everyone and I was sure we would have the 3rd split head of this clumsy boys life.  Thankfully there was no blood, only one very large egg on the back of his head.
View of the very slippery stone steps

Drinking some fresh orange juice after thoroughly rinsing
his head to check for any signs of blood. 
 After some refreshing orange juice, Jack was back to searching out all the cats
Jack loves kitties

 After visiting the acropolis we stopped at one of the many beaches on our drive back to Rhodes.

My view as I attempted to soak up some sun

A friendly goat who wanted to get in the car with us
By the time we got back to Rhodes we only had an hour or so to see this old walled city before our cruise ship would leave us behind.
Gates to the city of Rhodes

Inside the city looking out
Rhodes was my favorite city in Greece. The narrow, cobblestoned streets and numerous cafes and shops  made for a really nice atmosphere.
 And, of course, it wouldn't be Greece if there wasn't hundreds of cats lying around
 Strolling in style
I would love to spend more time on this island! Rhodes had everything from the beaches, to impressive ruins to the old walled medieval city. You could pass a week here and never be bored.
As it was, we made it back to our cruise ship with 2 minutes to spare. They were waiting just for us and as soon as we were on the announcement was made that "finally" all passengers were on board and the ship was disembarking. At this point we figured we would be blacklisted from ever leaving the ship again. 

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