Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Decorating with Patafix

The walls in our apartment are concrete... six to twelve inches thick. This is great when it comes to sound insulation, but this is terrible when it comes to decorating. I can't even hang a calendar on the wall without having to drill into the concrete. And then we have to think about patching all the holes in the wall when we move out. So for now, our walls are pretty bare. 

I have several pictures that I have wanted to hang for the longest time but I didn't want to drill into the concrete. Then, one of our friends told us about this product called Patafix. It's basically a putty that you can use to stick things on the walls. 
Supposedly each little square can hold up to 2 pounds. So I bought a package of this stuff and decided to hang up my pictures (sans heavy picture frame). At first I was really excited because it seemed to work. I was able to hang up several pictures throughout the house. 

Yay! Our pictures are up.

Then later that night we heard banging in the house. Frantically I jumped out of bed thinking someone had broken in. After checking on Jack and making sure no one was in the house we finally figured out that some of the pictures had fallen down. And that was just the beginning. 

The pictures kept falling. Each time they would fall I would add another square of the patafix stuff to try and make it stronger but it didn't work. 
Notice the corners of the picture are  ruined
 from falling off the wall so many times.  Also, if you
look closely you can see the huge globs of Patafix
I used in my desperate attempt to keep the picture up.
Pictures kept falling and falling
The pictures above our couch
I went through 6 packages of patafix! Each picture has almost an entire package worth of patafix on the back, yet they still keep falling. 
Picture of baby Jack is about ready to fall.
(Notice all the little globs of Patifix on the wall)
I really like the pictures on the wall so I haven't given up. Every morning Jack runs through the house and finds out which pictures fell during the night and we put them back up. 

In the morning before Jack finds all of the fallen pictures
I'm sure there is a better way to hang pictures without drilling into the concrete, but finding the solution when I can't even read the labels or talk to the store clerks is more of pain than just putting the pictures back up day after day.

So if you've ever wondered why all the pictures in our house are crooked, missing, or just plain falling off... now you know. 

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