Saturday, February 18, 2012

The boy who cried wolf

Jack has a very sensitive palate, he is constantly complaining that his food is spicy. If he sees a speck of pepper on his food, he won't eat it. We've gotten used to the constant complaints of "it's spicy" and for the most part we just ignore it. He has also gotten into the habit of eating ketchup with everything. Okay, where I'm going with this is that the other night I made spring rolls and he asked to dip them in ketchup. Then he starts complaining that the spring rolls are spicy. I know they are not spicy, they are just vegetables so I ignore him. He keeps telling me that they are spicy, so this time I take a bite of his spring roll and sure enough, it's not spicy. He still keeps whining and finally says he's not going to eat anymore because it's too spicy. I said "Jack, these spring rolls are not spicy!" and he says "well then the ketchup is spicy." At this point I'm getting really frustrated and say "Jack, you eat this ketchup with everything. It's not spicy!" Then I go to grab the ketchup bottle and put some on my plate and I notice something on the label: 

Hot ketchup! As terrible as it was, I busted up laughing. 

Who knew they even made such a thing? I have been buying this ketchup for months now and have never noticed that there were two kinds. I felt terrible for Jack, the whole time he was telling the truth and I didn't believe him (MOMMY FAIL). The next day I went out and bought his normal ketchup again...but on the bright side, Luke liked the hot stuff, so now I have 2 boys who dip everything in ketchup.

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