Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rice crispy treats!

A few weeks ago our friends brought us over a bag of marshmallows...a rare treat in Switzerland. Of course, I HAD to make rice crispy treats right away... but it was a sunday and all the stores were closed. I'm not typically very patient when it comes to rice crispy treats so I decided to go to the train station store which is the one place open Sundays. Unfortunately they didn't have any Rice Krispies cereal, but they did have an assortment pack ... so that would have to work. 

We decided to make several different types of marshmallow treats and test them all
Luke ended up liking the Smacks version, Jack liked the chocolate Krispies and I liked the traditional rice krispy treats. It was a fun way to spend a snowy afternoon. 

Lily celebrated her first Valentine's day a couple weeks ago. Here is our little Valentine:
My attempt at making a Valentine themed dinner
Nothing better than chocolate fondue for dessert
Now time for some picture overload:

Sweet princess

So much love between them!

My sweet family

Where's Lily?

She's getting so big

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