Monday, April 2, 2012

Annecy, France

This past weekend we drove 2 hours and spent a beautiful day in Annecy, France. It was an amazingly beautiful village with plenty of nice scootering paths for Jack and plenty of amazing scenery for me and Luke. 

Scootering along Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy
We enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch
Lily love picnics

Just like Jack, she loves to be outside

My two cutie pies

Annecy is said to be "the Venice of France" because of the canals that run through the city

There was a big art exhibit in the center of town

This is the Palais de L'Isle which has served many purposes from a house, to a courthouse, to a mint and a jail. 

Jack enjoying some ice cream
View of the canals through the old part of town

Love this face!
I love the feel of French villages. I'm not sure if we will find anything like this in England.
Another canal
My favorite parts of these old cities are the entrances/exits through the walls.
Canals, city and mountains
After walking for several miles we found another park to sit back and relax for a while

Luke and Jack talking to the swans

Lily looking for her dad and brother

Scootering back into town

Jack and Lily both fell asleep on our walk back, so we took the opportunity to find a nice restaurant
We chose this one right next to the bridge
Getting ready to enjoy a (rare) quiet meal
Our view from dinner
Annecy was one of the most beautiful places we have visited in a while. It had such a casual feel about it as well (unlike most of the Swiss cities).

On another note, now that Easter is approaching the bakeries are filling with all sorts of delightful chocolate treats. Just about every bakery around is filled with all sorts of chocolate eggs and animals:

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