Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rhine Falls

Our days in Switzerland are coming to an end and I have a renewed fervor to visit all the areas of Switzerland that we have not yet seen. We hit one of those places this past weekend when we drove over two hours to visit the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfalls. 

Entrance to the waterfalls from the Schloss Laufen castle

One of several observation points

There were two castles on either sides of the waterfalls. We took boats between the two castles as well as up to a small rock right in the middle of the waterfall.

On our way to climb the rock in the middle of the waterfall

From the top of the rock looking down at the waterfall

View of castle "Schloff Laufen"

We found a nice shady place to sit and enjoy a snack when some couple walked up and sat right in front of us. Not even kidding, they sat down RIGHT in front of us blocking our nice view. What makes it even more odd was that there was plenty of room all around us...

I'm sure I could think of a really funny caption for this if I tried hard enough

My attempt at a self family portrait

Jack strutting his long hair

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