Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in Switzerland

Our city hosted it's 10th annual easter egg hunt this year.
Jack riding down to the egg hunt

The entire city was there ready for the hunt
Ready, set, go!
2,500 eggs (real eggs, not chocolate) were hidden along a half mile stretch of forest along the lake. Every person was to collect 6 eggs before heading back to claim their prize. Only problem was that these eggs were not easy to find. In fact, I spent 2 hours looking and never found an egg. Luke found 2 broken eggs that we weren't sure if someone else had already found and thrown back under some leaves. Then Jack was given 4 other eggs from various friends.

Frustrated that he can't find any eggs

Finally! Luke found some eggs

Still looking... 
Even though the egg hunt was a bust, Jack did score an extra huge egg when the easter bunny stopped by on Sunday morning. These eggs have to be the best thing about being a kid in Switzerland. They are huge chocolate eggs with a toy inside. This is an especially large egg just for Easter, the typical chocolate eggs are about 1/3 this size.
Half of the chocolate egg and the toy that was inside.

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