Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day in Bern

For Father's Day we took the train over to Bern (the capital of Switzerland) for the day and met up with some friends. Jack was really excited about riding in a train

It was just over a 30 minute train ride, but it is in the German speaking area and everything feels much different.
Puddles are the same everywhere so Jack was happy!
This is the main drag through the heart of Bern
There were several fountains along the way but this had to have been the strangest (he is eating the children).
This is the famous clock tower that used to be a prison for prostitutes. Here are the guys with the strollers.
Jack was fascinated with the water running down the street (under the grate he's crawling on)
(And rolling down...)
Bern has cellars everywhere. I know in Switzerland it used to be mandatory for every building to have a bomb proof fallout shelter so I'm guessing that this is what these were built for (that and storing wine). I read somewhere that Switzerland now has enough of these bomb shelters to hold 95% of their population so they are not mandatory anymore. I know that every apartment we looked at had an underground room (a "cave") where the walls were 1 ft thick cement and you could store your stuff and then it also served as your own bomb shelter.
Here is a view from above. You can see the cellars with their wooden doors lining the sidewalk
We visited Einstein's house which was right on the main drag. As interesting as it was, it was not child friendly. Here is Jack sitting on Einstein's chair
Looking out Einstein's window
Hiding under Einstein's table
They also has a room where you could listen to Einstein giving some of his most famous lectures. Jack really thought he was talking to Einstein on the phone.
"Come on, the Theory of Relativity? I'm only 2!"
Bern is also famous for their bears. They have kept bears in their town since 1513. Unfortunately the bears were kept in a pretty disgusting pit until 2009 when they opened a new bear park. Just to the left of the river is this new bear park that houses 2 adult bears and 2 cubs.
Here is the old, unfriendly bear pit.
We had lunch at a brewery right next to the bear park. I have to say that I LOVE german food! I had a "rosti" aka hash browns, topped with applesauce, melted cheese and bacon. The applesauce was a bit odd, but delicious nonetheless.
Luke had rosti and sausage. Just as delicious!
It rains a lot in Bern. The city has over 6 kilometers of "arcades" (overhangs) so you can walk almost the entire length of the city without getting wet.
The Munster
Our friends, Carmen, Paulo and Baby Maria.
For Father's Day Luke picked out a Swiss army knife.
We had a great time in Bern. It was a beautiful city and I can't wait to go back this summer when it is warm enough to swim in the river!

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  1. hahahaaa oh man, every blog i'm dying here laughing. Jack and his purple boots, love them, his facial expressions, your commentary is priceless. I love all the history!!