Tuesday, August 14, 2012

County Fair

The county fair came into town while Luke's family was visiting so the whole gang went for the day. The best part about the county fair was that they also had a beer festival. So we spent the first half of the day drinking beer and the second half walking around the festival. 

Both families together at the beer festival

Lily practicing her standing
Luke and I were able to go to a beer and food pairing event where they gave us samples of four different beers paired with four different foods.
The last one was my favorite with a dessert beer and piece of chocolate cake
Meanwhile, Josiah was our keeping both kids happy by letting them climb all over him

Lily will be walking any day!
Jack and Lily with their drinks
Jack with Nana and Papi and his funnel cake
Josiah beating Luke at an arm wrestling match
Jack and Nana
After drinking beers, we headed out to the carnival
Jack loved the petting zoo
Lily wasn't to sure of the llama
Jack and Grammie
Playing carnival games

Fun on the rides!

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