Saturday, August 11, 2012

Staying busy

My mom and Luke both work from the house during the day so the kids and I try to get out as much as possible to give them some quiet. Jack and Lily have been taking swimming lessons every morning at the community pool. They absolutely love the lessons and Jack was so excited to be accepted into the class that is for 5 year olds and up. 

Jack's swim class

Luke with Lily in the baby class
In addition to swimming every morning, Jack also has activities two afternoons. One day a week he goes to gymnastics which is probably his favorite class. 

On Fridays he has baseball, which he doesn't seem to enjoy that much since most of the class involves standing in line and waiting 

The other afternoons we spend at the local swim beach, or one of the many outdoor pools

City Park pool in Ft. Collins

Luke and I discovered a hamburger bar right down the street that lets you choose a doughnut for a bun. Below is their "hangover" burger with meat, bacon, egg and cheese served on a warm doughnut with maple syrup on the side

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