Sunday, August 12, 2012

The fun never stops!

Since we are in the USA for longer than anticipated, Luke's family drove out from California to spend some more time with us. They were here for just under two weeks and we had a blast. Just about every day we were able to get out and do something fun. 

One day we drove up to Estes Park and visited a family fun center:

Bumper boats in Estes Park

Jack and Grammie in the race cars

Luke and Amanda taking it seriously
 For dinner, we found a nice place to have a picnic
Jack and Grammie walking along the trail

Picnic with Amanda and Jack 
Josiah and Jack exploring 
Another day we visited a local splash park:
Tornado themed splash ground

Grammie and Jack drawing

Amanda and Lily

Amanda and Jack
 Jack's favorite game of seeing how high he can throw something. (can you see the red ring?)
More pictures coming soon...

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