Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day to day

We are settling in to a new "normal" here at our apartment. Jack has started preschool two afternoons a week and Lily and I are getting some one on one time. She is such a fun little girl. She is very happy and friendly, but yet feisty as heck! 

Jack is enjoying his baby sister much more now that she can interact with him. They play together and he loves to make her laugh.
 They also love hiding under the table:

Reading books together:

Snuggling together:

Playing outside together:

And sticking up for each other:

Jack is becoming quite the little scientist. He is always asking to do experiments and he loves making hypotheses. 
Playing with color tablets

Watching how celery drink water

Making color changing volcanos

We have made some new friends at our apartment complex and Jack has had a blast scootering around town with his new friends. 
Ice cream with our friends

Lily and Josh

At the pet store
At Bounce!

Crazy kids!
We also had a visit from our friends in the Springs. Jack's buddy Lucca and his dad came to stay with us for one night and we visited a music festival in Ft. Collins
Jack and Lucca

We met up with my parents and aunt and uncle for dinner

The boys were excited to have a camp out in the living room
We also visited a local kid museum and Jack had a blast playing a pirate!

 This awesome ball game kept them both entertained for a long time
 Crazy hair
 The mad scientist


  1. Cute pics! Jack and Lily are so cute together! I'll say it again - that Lily has such a smoochilious face! She is getting cuter and cuter all the time! She is looking more like Jack, too. What a wonderful project with the caterpillars and butterflies - good things to teach the kids! It's an amazing process, isn't it? I LOVE that you took the butterflies to the Denver facility. How wonderful! Glad you are all doing so well. Any updates on London?

  2. Hi Kay, thanks for the comments. I love kissing these cute little faces :) No updates on our move... still just waiting for news. Hoping to hear something this month.