Thursday, September 20, 2012

The butterfly project

Several weeks ago we got a shipment of live caterpillars. 

Caterpillars in the small container
with the white lid
We spent a week or so watching them grow until one day they started forming into chrysalis
Then we were able to watch them hatch out as butterflies. It was really awesome and Jack and Lily both loved watching their butterflies. Jack would help me feed them everyday
Squeezing some sugar water into bananas
Jack named our butterflies Big Daddy, Tiny, Tic Tac and Shelly
Our butterflies
Until finally it was time to release our butterflies. We decided to release them into the Butterfly Pavilion outside of Denver.
Our last morning with the butterflies

At the Butterfly Pavilion

One of the zookeepers came to help us release the butterflies.
One of the butterflies wasn't ready to say goodbye and he flew on Jack's shirt
Finally we detached him from Jack's shirt and set him by some food. Jack didn't want to say goodbye.
After finally saying goodbye to our butterflies, we spent several hours visiting with the other butterflies

There was also an indoor area where the kids could play
Jack in the spider web

Jack holding a tarantula

Lily cute as ever
It was a really fun project to watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies. Lily still looks for the butterflies every morning. We will have to do it again when she is older.

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