Friday, September 7, 2012

Recent videos

Our little baby girl started walking a couple weeks ago! We were able to get some of her first steps on camera:

Since then, she has become quite the toddler, cruising all around town. We even invested in a pair of shoes for her that she has already worn out. At the end of this video, you can even see her new dance moves. 

Lily is the underwear thief. Every time I do laundry, Lily darts in and grabs the undies out of the pile. It has turned into a game now. Also, at the end of this video you can see what a feisty little girl she is as she takes Jack on in the first instances of sibling fights.
And here is Jack playing catch with Luke. It is amazing to watch him and see what a good arm he has... he has always been a natural with sports. So far his favorite sport is swimming, but he also loves gymnastics. Even though baseball is not his favorite, he has always been really good at it:

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