Friday, September 21, 2012

The Golden Days of Summer

Life is great! For the first time in over 2 years, life finally seems "easy." We have settled into a great routine here at our little apartment. Jack is in preschool for 3 hours, twice a week. That gives me a nice break to spend some time with Lily and do chores. The other days we are happily busy with all sort of activities such as swimming, gymnastics and karate. Meanwhile, Luke is working up in the loft and even though he is putting in tons of hours, we are able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family almost every day. We are thoroughly enjoying our apartment community, our friends here, the swimming pool and our awesome view. I couldn't be happier with our perfect sized apartment that is big enough to live in, yet small enough to be able to keep clean. I recently bought a double stroller and now I am able to jog around the lake with Luke several times a week as well as walk pretty much everywhere with both kids.

I am just soaking up every last one of these golden days because I know soon it will end. Soon we will be thrust into the excitement (stress) of another international move. Soon we will give up this glorious sunshine for cold and gloomy weather. Soon we will have to say goodbye to our new friends and be faced with making new ones. Soon everything will change. 

But until then, I am savoring every moment of this golden summer. 

Lily ready to start the day

Jack's preschool class

Karate class

Jack's swim lessons

Lily's swim lessons

Amazing Athletes class

Gymnastics class
"Little Scientists" program
Preschool story time at the library

Sunday night pizza night

Ready for  a walk in the stroller
Family movie night at the church

Face painting at the local Oktoberfest

Lily loves her baby story time:

Look who's walking everywhere!

Pooped out from having too much fun:

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