Monday, September 19, 2011

Mystery laundry thief - part 2

I had my laundry day on Saturday and we decided to try to catch whoever may be stealing our laundry money. We timed one cycle so that Luke would run down there 5 minutes before it ended and then wait and see if anyone came to claim the money off our machine. As soon as it was time, Luke started walking down to the laundry room. Jack and I were still getting our shoes on and followed him a minute later. As Jack and I were walking down, the old lady from upstairs (suspect #2) was coming up. She mumbled something to me in french, but all I could hear was "coupe." By the time I made it down to the laundry room Luke informed me that we were too late. The washing machine door was open... but strangely the money was still on the machine. At that point he became convinced that the lady walking upstairs is our culprit. He thinks she came in the laundry room and noticed that our wash was finished, she then opened the washing machine door and at that point realized she didn't have her laundry card to recuperate our money. Luke thinks she was walking up to her apartment to get her laundry card. He heard her mumble to us in french and from what he heard, he thinks she was telling me that there is money left to recuperate on the machine (he heard her say "coupe" as well). It was pretty suspicious timing, especially since she was one of the suspects already on our list. But alas, we weren't able to prove anything for sure so we will have to try again next week.   

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