Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dangerous landlord

We recently received a letter from our landlord letting us know our apartment had been sold to another owner and we needed to cancel the bank account where we currently pay our rent and set up a new account for the new owners. But this wasn't your typical straightforward letter, this was a letter written in high German (of which we know only 2-3 words). So I resorted to to help us out, but as I have learned (the VERY hard way), google translate is not very accurate.

Here is a portion of the letter in German:
Wir bitten Sie daher, die Miete pro September noch an die bekannte Bankverbindung zu überweisen (s. Anhang) und mit der Miete ab Oktober 2011 zuzuwarten bis Sie die neuen Einzahlungsscheine von uns erhalten haben. Die alten können Sie vernichten. Vielen Dank für Ihre Kenntnisnahme.  

And here is google translates take on the letter:
We therefore ask you to pay the rent each September for yet known to the bank (see Appendix) and the rent from October 2011 IMPOSE FINES until you have received the new deposit slips from us. The old can kill you. Thank you for your perusal.

I think this is my favorite part of the letter: 
"The old can kill you"

Boy, you really have to be careful when renting an apartment from the germans!


  1. Ugh, googletranslate is terrible. It's slow and hard, but is just a dictionary that gives many definitions, so it's usually possible to decipher meaning. It just takes forever. Good luck.

  2. Hi Jenny, tell us if when can help with the German letter. We almost died from laughing when we read the translation.