Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our not so quiet little city

This past weekend was the Fete du Vin (aka wine festival) in our town. September is the month of grape harvesting so all throughout the region towns are celebrating with huge festivals. Wine booths are set up all around town, there are rides for the kids and parades throughout the weekend. We only made it down one of the days, but truthfully that was enough. Being around a bunch of drunks is never fun, especially when you are 9 months pregnant and can't enjoy the wine!

I just realized that I haven't posted any picture of our new city. Usually it is a very quiet town so I will have to take more pictures another day to compare with the hecticness of the wine festival. 

The path leading from our apartment to town. Vineyards line
either side 

A view of the lake from the path

Our city's castle in the distance

Just got this stroller attachment this past
weekend. It is so Jack can now stand on our
stroller while Lilly is in the stroller.

Just getting in to the main part of town we ran into the parade

The bed and breakfast in town where guests can stay

People watching the parade go by

Pretty sure there is no hotel here anymore

Town museum

We had several bursts of rainfall during
the day, but Jack didn't mind

One of two statues in the city

All the kids sports teams participated in the parade.
Jack was ecstatic to see his friend Nico in the parade. 

2nd of two statues in the city

Exit from the city to the lake

Old city tower

Local cheese shop

And there you have it. Our quiet little city during its biggest festival. I absolutely love our town, it has so much character and tons of little cobblestone streets and pedestrian only areas. The city is also right next to the lake and has a great bike path. I will try to get some more pictures another day, but until then I hope you got a little feel for our new life in the city. 

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