Monday, August 29, 2011

Signal de Bougy

We had a nice weather forecast for this past Sunday so we took advantage of it and drove an hour away to go to Signal de Bougy, which is a huge park that overlooks Lake Geneva. We wanted to make it a "cheap" day so we decided to picnic (instead of going to the restaurant at the park). But this being Switzerland a "cheap" picnic cost us 50 chf (or $60) for 2 packages of sausage, cheese, chips and drinks! (Of course, if we ate at the restaurant we would have spent at least double for the same amount of food and drinks). 

Setting up the BBQ
Ready to eat!

This park was great for kids! They had a ton of fun things to do
Jack in the maze

Scootering around

One of many play areas

Another play area

Fun spider web
Jack loved the water play area!

Two tired guys
 There was even a small zoo with goats, donkeys, rabbits and ducks.

Riding the bumper boats
 The little coin cars were closed, so Jack and Luke took their scooters out on the track. Jack is so good on his scooter, it is amazing! I love watching them ride together. I was sitting on the grass watching them ride and Jack came up with this game where every time he passed me, he would stop and give me a kiss. Then he told Luke to do the same thing. I sat there for a long while watching them scooter together and soaking up all the kisses. So far 3 years old has been my favorite age! I love how sweet Jack can be.

Getting dizzy on the spinning wheel

View of Lake Geneva from the park

Another view of the lake and the town of Rolle
It was a perfect day. We are trying to enjoy our last few weekends as a family of 3 because soon everything will change :-)

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