Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving Day: A Proper Farewell

The moving truck came on Wednesday to pack and load everything that we are shipping to Switzerland. It didn't feel like we had much stuff left to ship, but when everything was loaded on to the crate it weighed just over 1,600 pounds and was approx. 260 cubic square feet! I have a feeling we will need to do another purge once we get to Switzerland since I don't imagine all this will fit in a tiny apartment.

We said farewell to our house Wednesday night, and the new tenants move in on Saturday. If we ever come back, we probably won't come back to this house. As nice as it was, it was just too big for us.

So long house!

To the Master Bedroom- You were an awesome room. I loved how big you were and how you fit our King bed, Jack's twin bed and a rocking chair with plenty of room left over to run around. I will miss your spaciousness.
To the Master Bathroom- I loved your big bathtub. In fact, I think I only used the shower less than 5 times in 2 years, your baths were just too nice. I will miss your 5-piece bathroom ensemble as well as your massive walk-in closet that was big enough to fit every one's clothes.
To Jack's Room- I will never forget running around the last days of my pregnancy trying to get you in perfect order, only to find we never used you. Lot's of love and care went into making you look very nice and I hope the new tenants appreciate you.
To the "other" room - Sorry we never used you much. We had plans to turn you into Luke's "work-at-home" office before we found out we were moving to Switzerland. We worked tirelessly to scrub the cottage cheese off your ceilings and give you some color to your walls. You would have made a wonderful office if we were to stay:
To the stairs- I hate you. I never grew up with stairs and I hope I never have a house with stairs again. I don't know if it was your carpet or what, but both Luke, myself, and my mom (and I'm sure others who won't admit it) have fallen down you. You are too slippery and I am so thankful that no one was seriously hurt on you.
To the dining room - You were a wonderful place to have meals as a family. I loved the view of the city from your window.
To the room with no name- Even though we never knew what to call you, you were loved. Many a days were spent reading to Jack on your floor and running circles around your couch.
To the living room-you were probably the most used room. Jack learned to crawl and to walk right here on your carpet. I'll never forget the first few steps he took.
To the nook-you were a good place to eat breakfast. It was a little unnecessary to have 2 eating areas so you didn't get used as much as the dining room, but you did have an awesome view.
To the kitchen-I loved your spaciousness. The endless cabinet space was great. I will miss you when we have to live with a tiny kitchen in Europe.
To the office-you were a nice and cozy room and kept Luke warm during his long nights of studying.
To the basement-we had high hopes for you, but you ended up just being storage for all our junk.
To the backyard-You were too big. We thought we would love having 1/3rd an acre, but we hated having to pay $300+ for your water every month. We will LOVE not having any lawn maintenance in Switzerland.

Goodbye house. Hope the new renters take good care of you!

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